• Weekdays: £45/hour. Each subsequent hour in same session £40
  • Weekends: £50/hour. Each subsequent hour in same session £45

These rates cover tuition plus traveling time, travel costs will be additional.

  • Weekdays: Half-day (2 hours): £120, Daily (4 hours): £200
  • Weekends: Half-day (2 hours): £130, Daily (4 hours): £220

The daily rate is for 4 hours teaching. Extra hours will be charged at the standard hourly rate. The client is responsible for providing bed and board and covering travel expenses.

  • Weekday: £200
  • Weekend: £220

Consultation and Interview Preparation.

  • Weekdays: £50/hour
  • Weekends: £55/hour
Group Tuition:

To make tuition available at a range of prices, I am also offering group tuition. This method, based on the Oxbridge tutorial system, is very effective, particularly with humanities subjects at more advanced levels. Here, sharing ideas in small, stimulating discussion helps students develop a more comprehensive grasp of key concepts and problems in their disciplines, as well as strengthening social skills and confidence.

  • Two students: £25/hour/student
  • Three students: £20/hour/student
  • Four students: £15/hour/student
Low Cost:

To further make my services available, I will also consider enquiries from parents with academically gifted children who feel that their development or preparation has not received the attention it should due to educational, social or economic circumstances. If you come from a low-income background and think I might be able to help your child, please do get in touch, as I offer a limited number of sliding scale places.