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I was educated at a grammar school in Kent and went on to gain a First Class degree in Social and Political Science from King’s College, Cambridge. I have two Masters degrees (one in Film Production and one in Philosophy), and am currently completing my Doctorate in Philosophy.

I’ve been teaching, in a variety of forms, since I was eighteen. My career in education begun with teaching English as a Foreign Language in the UK and Spain, and from 2001, I combined my activities as a film-maker and academic with tutoring for top London agencies. In 2007 I won a scholarship to study in New York for four years, where I taught philosophy to undergraduates.

I’ve worked with students aged from 5 to 25, from many different backgrounds, and with a variety of educational and emotional needs. I have taught children and young adults with dyslexia and ADHD, as well as those who needed help with issues undermining their confidence. In this time, I’ve found tutoring to be particularly powerful form of education, because it centres on the development of strong, trusting relationships between tutor and student. This allows the tutor to focus on a child’s specific academic needs, and also to develop a deep understanding of any emotional issues affecting their learning. Most importantly, because a tutor often becomes someone the student looks up to, while remaining approachable and accessible, they are particularly well placed to offer explanation, empathy and encouragement.

A good tutor needs academic facility, a knack for clear explanation, and a briefcase full of interesting activities. I believe, however, that above all, successful tutoring is about the quality of attention a tutor gives to their students. No two children are alike, and tutoring is never formulaic. It is a matter of being present  to each and every student, connecting with them intellectually and emotionally, and providing what they, in particular, need. It is this ability to respond empathetically to each individual child which makes tutoring such an effective method of growing confidence and competence, and, hence, helping every child’s potential to unfold.

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